Work with us

Have an idea? Together we can fulfill your needs. We are ready to create items of your willing design, color and pattern, the combination of modern design with time-tested quality.

We have prepared a wholesale offer for partners who are looking for larger quantities. To place a bulk or custom order, send us an email to

We offer

  • Small minimal order

    Bulk order starting from 3 to 10 units of different items or 5 meters of fabrics

  • White Label

    Use your own label on fabric when making a bulk order

  • Worldwide delivery

    We deliver all over the world even a minium order

Who we are

We are creative folk who adore all kind of bags, cases and life style goods designed from leather. Old Fisher Bags is a family-owned brand located in the northern part of Europe – Lithuania. We enjoy creating high quality products for an accessible price so that everyone can enjoy it.

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